Benedict Cumberbatch’s starring role as Hamlet has become the fastest selling ticket in London theatre history, with advanced seats selling out in minutes a year before the curtain rises..
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my mom thought otp meant “oh, the pain.”

what’s the difference




Well, that should be loads of fun.



Well, that should be loads of fun.






You know…what you did for me…Nobody’s ever done that for me before.This was….epic!

So sweet. But I get so uncomfortable because she’s sitting on his lap and his knee is broken.

Looks like majority of her weight is on his uninjured leg

Yeah, but he also had the extended leg rest before (which would have been basically impossible). It’s just my inner wheeler. “Most of her weight on the other leg” in a chair like that isn’t really that much less of a pain in the, well, knee. Too small a space to not have more then you want still. She could be sitting across the armrests, but honestly that would hurt like hell. At least in any of mine (I have 3, one like the one pictured.)

The more I stare at it, it does look like she is sitting on the arm of the chair.

Depends if they are full or half length. But GOD that’s painful. Bumping them when I sit isn’t fun. Sitting on them? Ow.

When stuff like this happens, when real-world clashes with Castle-world, I remind myself that logic and time in the Castle realm are quite different than in real life. Castle comes with its own alternate universe that we have to either accept or not. If we constantly try to equate real-world with Castle, we’ll just end up frustrated with the endless WTF queries.

One of these that has always bothered me was in Murder He Wrote. They were in the Hamptons 3 nights. On the second night, a romantic encounter between C&B is interrupted by theory building, ending with Castle rushing to the phone to inform Espo & Ryan of the new theory. We are led to believe that this would add to C&B’s sexual frustration, that the evening ended there and the story picked up in the morning. Now I know they didn’t retire to separate bedrooms — or wouldn’t have in a real-world timeline. That was a plot device that I just didn’t buy.


davedbard replied to your post:
Really can’t see a sweeps wedding. With what they did in the finale they’ve blown any opportunity that had for a ratings bonanza during sweeps. Now after that soapy mess trying to promote a wedding would have a negative effect & no one will believe.

A few issues…

I think the main issue is more about how excitement builds when an audience is confronted with the possibility of a wedding, especially when the audience is also expecting a cliffhanger ending, the perfect spot for the wedding of main characters (and the anticipation generated by the title “For Better or Worse.”

There were a lot of disappointed fans who really hated that cliffhanger. The fans I’ve talked to thought it was the worst possible decision on the part of the writers (“…or Worse”). But none of them intend to stop watching.

I’m a Castle fan and always will be a Castle fan, no matter where the stories go and no matter what happens to the characters. But I don’t care about the wedding anymore. I don’t care if it happens, I don’t care when it happens. I don’t care if it is placed in Sweeps month or NOT in Sweeps month; I don’t care how it is executed, as long as they get married. The planning and excitement of the wedding has been completely deflated. Lots of fans feel that way. The advertising potential of an upcoming wedding on a TV show should be a positive effect for a network and I think ABC/Castle writers/producers really blew it in that regard.


You know…what you did for me…Nobody’s ever done that for me before.This was….epic!

So sweet. But I get so uncomfortable because she’s sitting on his lap and his knee is broken.

Most of her weight is on the uninjured leg. (I also had issue with the scene where they are spooning in bed, and Castle is lying on his right side, the side that has the injured knee. So, there is symmetry there.)


Why don’t we just take a minute and write down the names of all the people that absolutely, positively, have to be there. No matter what, to make us happy.


And then we had the wedding and the only person to not show up was the one person she needed to be there…

My heart just broke. Again.


Stana Katic, Cosmopolitan’s Fun Fearless Female Dinner

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That hairdo really accentuates the cheekbones, doesn’t it?

CASTLE (what if): At the end of Season 7, we find out that the Castle throughout said season was a doppelganger made personally by 3XK’s psycho lady plastic surgeon.



The real Castle, yet to be rescued.

I’d flip if someone did this for real. (I blame “Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” for this sort of plot thinking.)

Of course, we know better. Beckett would know, right? Right.

Even if he was a doppelganger, there are Some things that can’t be duplicated. Use your imagination.

Kate knows Castle pretty darn well by now. She’d spot something different inside of a minute.


Has anyone tried to piece together a speculative timeline for the first two episodes of season 7? Like, do you think they’ll spend the entire first episode trying to find Castle? Or do you think they’ll find him earlier on? Will there be a time jump from 7x01 to 7x02? If so, how much of a jump? Will we see a wedding before 7x03? 

1) Yes

2) Yes

3) No

4) Yes

5) 3 months

6) No